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Meet & Measure

Betsy will meet with you to understand your project vision. Your wall space is measured and the number of wall panels is determined.


You specify the materials you want.

  • Greenery panels & accents
  • Frame (optional)
  • Other types of materials


Based on your specifications Betsy designs your custom botanical wall panels, sends you a rendering of the design and provides you with an estimate of the total price of the project.


Betsy and her team build your made-to-order greenery wall and provide you with the time to delivery and installation, which will depend on the scale and special needs of your project.


Betsy’s professional installers will deliver your beautiful no-maintenance Botanical Wall panels and install them in your desired location.

After installation, it’s time to enjoy!

Betsy consults with clients, collaborates on designs, estimates costs, then meticulously constructs and installs tailored murals. Her streamlined process emphasizes planning, precision and client visions brought to life.

Let's Create Your Dream Botanical Wall

Ready to bring stunning plant art into your space? Contact Botanicals by Betsy today to schedule a consultation. Betsy will collaborate with you one-on-one to design a completely custom botanical wall that perfectly fits your vision.
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